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I am a software developer who specializes in backend development and fullstack development. I love being able to get the most out of every oppurtunity that I have and value the oppurtunity to learn new skills. I enjoy collaborating with others and being able to change the way people veiw technology and what can be excelled by it.

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A decentralized platform that is able to buy and sell ethereum between users. It is intended to have a single platform that a user can come to rather than multiple to manage their personal cryptocurrency. There are already multiple websites that let a user purhcase and trade cryptocurrency, but with this it is intended to be user-to-user where at least one of the users has some amount of cryptocurrency and can give to another person.


A money tracking application that allows a person to have full control of how they are spending their money in their day to day lives. This tracker utilizes Speechly which allows the user to speak into the application for a faster approach to tracking their incomes and expenses.

Plane Shop

A decentralized platform that allows for the buying and selling of planes built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain.

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